LIFE is a Do-It-Yourself Project

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LIFE is a Do-It-Yourself Project

by Dr. Valerie Allen

 Wherever You Go, There You Are!

It might be nice if we could push the rewind button and edit a few things in our past, but we cannot change things that have already happened. We cannot “un-ring” the bell. It is critical to understand it is not what happens to us, it is how we handle what happens that determines the quality of life. We bring ourselves to every situation. This is where you are now. Suffice it to say, you are here, and wherever you go, there you are.

Surprise, Surprise, Surprise

The surprising thing about life is that we are here at all. There is a significant investment of time, money, and debate by scientists, theologians, physicians, and politicians to determine when human life begins and when it ends. Each of us holds a personal belief about the phenomenon we call a “living human being.”

The proliferation of fertility clinics validates the struggle for conception. The journey from conception to birth is perilous at best, fraught with the possibilities of biological and medical mishaps. The survival of a newborn is totally dependent on the beneficence of others. Although, we may hold differing beliefs about when human life begins, we do know between our birth and our death, we are here, among the living, and so our journey begins.

Living vs. Existing

There is a difference between living and existing.  We all know people who are old at 40 and those who are young at 70. What a pleasure it is to be around those positive individuals who exude hope and enthusiasm. These people seek opportunities for happiness, radiate well-being, and impress us with their confidence. They arise each day with the expectation of success. They embrace change. They find goodness in their everyday lives. These people are truly living.

Some people only exist. They seem to be marking time, tolerating their day-to-day existence. They age with little joy, happiness, or hope for the future. They bemoan their past, complain about their empty lives, and see nothing pleasant in their future. They are miserable and unpleasant to be around. These people are existing not living.

Truly living our life to the maximum in all areas is a do-it-your-self project that takes continuous building, re-building, and tweaking.

* * * *

This is an edited excerpt from a book by Dr. Valerie Allen, Beyond the Inkblots: Confusion to Harmony.   

Dr. Valerie Allen is a licensed school psychologist and board certified rehabilitation counselor and case manager. She has taught students from elementary school through graduate studies in the fields of education and mental health. She is a popular author of children’s books, short stories, fiction, and non-fiction.

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