5 Kids’ New Year Resolutions


  1. Learn Something New –  to sing, paint, or throw a softball- I’m going to make a plan and write it down and check off when I practise.
  2. Help Someone Else – My mom smokes, I’m gonna try to help her stop.  Maybe donate my hair to Locks of Love.
  3. Be Happier – Have Kid’s New Year’s Eve playdate and count down at noon and throw confetti and make lots o noise.  Yummy snacks and say I Love You alot.
  4. Go Greener -I’m going to watch less TV  and  unplug stuff we don’t use every day, and  make Grandma walk more.
  5. Eat Healthier– Stop begging for junk food.  If we do get junk food, then I’m going to eat something green with it.

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