Are We Still Having Fun?


by Rosanne Morse 10-1-2016

Right in the middle of a crazy, stressful moment, there is bound to be someone who says “Are we having fun yet?” It breaks the tension just a bit so we can all get through whatever is going on. What is going on is our life. So focusing on “having fun” is a pretty important thing to do. Oddly we often have less fun during vacations and the holiday season, now what’s up with that?
Blame it on Max Weber!  The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism: and Other Writings .  Max gave voice to the idea that having fun might be wasteful. You’ve heard the phrase “Protestant Work Ethic”, right? As modern capitalism emerged, we began to learn that “time is money” and idleness is the devil’s workshop, etc.
In the United States we initially embraced this philosophy for the very practical reason of building a new nation.  Today we continue to embrace it because we somehow believe it is patriotic or  a virtue or some similar idea that throws a shadow across just having fun.  Somewhere along the line fun became a vice laden with all kinds of judgment.


Let’s put the brakes on this Mission Impossible of working until we drop. Having fun is essential to our very ability to live healthy lives. When we just smile we produce positive hormones – endorphins – and that helps lower our stress. Can you imagine all the good a belly laugh does! Doing these things with others brings us closer to our fellow travelers through life. Having fun reminds us that life is good and that is important because that is what we have right now.
Everyone is different, so I’m going to throw this question out on Facebook and see what happens. I’ll put the ideas on this blog:

  1. What does it mean to you to “have fun”?
  2. What gets in the way of you having fun?
  3. What ideas do you have to share with people who may have physical/mental restrictions?
  4.  Our family nearly busted our guts with Telestrations  and  I  love to  end my day doing the Magic Jigsaw Puzzles on my Kindle.

I confess, I really did read this book, and even worse, I enjoyed it!   

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