Creating Joy

    Life can be a continual struggle to keep our emotions in balance.  Recent studies indicate that there is a biological basis for our emotions, but beyond biology, here are a few things that seem to work on a very practical level – scroll down for full article …

PETS AND PEACE.  Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover’s Soul.  Having a pet brings out the best in us. It improves our self-esteem, calmness, feelings of acceptance. My sense is that this is because pets give us unconditional love… and who can’t benefit from THAT!

CREATE A HAPPY PLACE.     Happy: Creating Joyous living spaces through design by Amanda Talbot.    I love talking about decorating, not necessarily DOING it.  Is Home Your Happy Place:  An Unruly Woman’s Appraoch to Space Healing  offers some interesting ideas.     In the course of discussions with friends and relatives, my first question is:  What color makes you feel happy? There are no right or wrong answers, although science suggests that having natural light increases your serotonin. So start with color/light and create your own Happy Place. Fill it with things you love, photos, art, music, texture whatever soothes your soul.  Post a Do Not Disturb sign.  RX: Give yourself at least 30 minutes a day alone in your Happy Place.

BELIEVE IN SOMETHING. Find something you believe in and then find a community of people with similar beliefs. Participate with them at least weekly.  From the bestselling authors of Sway, Click by Ori and Rom Brakman is a fascinating psychological investigation of the forces behind what makes us click with certain people, or become fully immersed in whatever activity or situation we’re involved in.

RELATIONSHIPS. People in long-term, committed relationships tend to suffer less stress and live happier lives. If you are persevering in an unhappy relationship, end it. Free yourself to start something new.  Letting Go by Carrie Lange.


LIMIT EXPOSURE:      Don’t spend your time watching stressful TV or movies.  Limit your time listening to other’s woes.   Spend most of your day in cheerful environments and interacting with human beings – not technology.

MORNINGS: Science tells us over and over, get enough sleep, rise early, eat breakfast and do 30 minutes of exercise daily. I’m sure this is all true and fact based … do the best you can 🙂

DOES MONEY BUY HAPPINESS?      Actually, YES. It works when we use money to gain financial security and not just to buy stuff.  Financial security means having enough to provide a safe life.

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