12 Easy Health Habits

12 Small daily habits to build health and feel your best in no time   …

1. USE BLUE PLACE MATS OR BLUE PLATES.   The color blue decreases appetite. Yellow and red increase it- just look around you.

2.  DOWNSIZE YOUR PLATES.   We fill our plates, so switch to a 9 inch plate at most.

3. EAT WHITE FRUITS AND VEGGIES:  Eating fruits and vegetables with white flesh, such as pears, apples, bananas (keep thos bananas away from the others), cauliflower, nectarines, white peaches, mushrooms, Jerusalem artichokes, parsnips, cucumbers, and yes, potatoes  –  all protect against stroke.

4. DO THE LEAST AMOUNT OF EXERCISE that will still benefit you. Exercise strenuously on a stationary bike for one minute followed by one minute of easy recovery pedaling.  Do this 10 times for 20 minutes 3 times a week.

5. FLOSS FOR YOUR HEART.     I bought this flosser, I had 3 before didn’t do the job!  Keep your teeth and mouth very, very clean. Bacteria can cause inflammation and inflammation cause blood clots and heart attached. I just started using a WaterPik and I can feel the clean difference.

6. USE LIP BALM WITH SUNSCREEN. Your lips are a transitional zone and are vulnerable to sun damage and skin cancer. Wear a hat to screen your face and those lips.

7. HAVE CANDLELIGHT DINNERS. Apparently we eat less in the dark ; perhaps we are too busy with other fun things. Also, remember to keep drinking water so you get full safely.

8. COVER THOSE LED LIGHTS. We sleep better and, get this, we eat less, if we cover those little bitty lights with masking tape.  And here I thought my husband was nuts about this all these years. Who knew!

9.  WRITE A QUICK LIST.  Write down what you did right that day in your Health Diary to subliminally encourage yourself.  Write down your stressors also just to get them out of your head.

10. LAVENDER SACHET.  This may  feel just a bit too new age, but actually this is very old wisdom. Lavender scents and oils encourage both the quantity and the quality of your sleep. Put it on your pillow or a cloth on your pillow. What could it hurt?

This next one seems like a great idea to me…

11. BURN PHONE CALORIES.  Get a home speaker phone and talk all you want, but don’t sit down. You will naturally start to walk around, you’ll probably start doing something and burn even more and get something done.

and last …   12. FORM AGROUP OF FIVE PEOPLE who you know that are trying to become healthier. Get the Small Groups Start to Finish.   Get together, start a group or walk or anything to put yourself around people who are really trying to do what you are trying to do. Going it alone allows you to cheat more easily.  This is the tried and trued method to change behavior (Weight Watchers, AA, and most support groups because they work.

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