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I Don’t Think My Mother Loved Me

             > by Rosanne Morse 9/25/2016 I dedicate this article to my therapist Dr. Molly Snell and to my daughter Dr. Tracey Morse A hard thing to say, harder to admit, and  the hardest to come to terms with.  I didn’t really know this consciously as a daughter.  I felt it, I reacted … Continue reading I Don’t Think My Mother Loved Me

Parent-Teacher Conference

Tea for Two: The Parent-Teacher Conference    by Dr. Valerie Allen Autumn will be here. There’s a chill in the air and school is in full swing. The pencils are sharpened and you’ve paid for picture day, yearbook, and Tee-shirts. Your taxi meter is full throttle for the after- school runs: art club, baseball games, scout … Continue reading Parent-Teacher Conference

Stop Ruminating and Get Some Sleep

            8 Tips to Help Stop Ruminating  By Lauren Feiner, PsyD. Do you constantly replay or obsess over negative situations? Known as rumination, it can feel like a broken record. Your mind rehearses the play-by-play of what led to that horrific breakup or missing a deadline at work. Even when everything is going well, … Continue reading Stop Ruminating and Get Some Sleep