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Creating Joy

    Life can be a continual struggle to keep our emotions in balance.  Recent studies indicate that there is a biological basis for our emotions, but beyond biology, here are a few things that seem to work on a very practical level – scroll down for full article … PETS AND PEACE.  Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover’s … Continue reading Creating Joy


Shared by my practical friend Sharon T. 4-7-2017   Dear Applicant: Here’s why I didn’t hire you … by Steve Strauss, USA TODAY , KUSA 5:15 AM. EDT April 07, 2017 Dear Applicant:  I want to thank you for your application to my business. Unfortunately, we ended up hiring someone else. That said, because you seemed … Continue reading WHY I DIDN’T HIRE YOU

Don’t Become a Financial Victim

  4 WAYS TO AVOID BEING A TARGET OF BAD BUSINESS by Christopher Elliott The world is filled with lost causes but these simple steps can help  you avoid the worst of them.  THE BANKRUPT BUSINESS. When a company is struggling to survive, it may have a last-minute fire sale to  drum up business. Tempting? Sure, but … Continue reading Don’t Become a Financial Victim