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Creating Joy

    Life can be a continual struggle to keep our emotions in balance.  Recent studies indicate that there is a biological basis for our emotions, but beyond biology, here are a few things that seem to work on a very practical level – scroll down for full article … PETS AND PEACE.  Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover’s … Continue reading Creating Joy

Helping the Disabled

             The most important thing to remember is they (or you) just are a person.  Don’t assume because someone is in a wheelchair that they have a mental disability or any other disability. Maybe they just had surgery and can’t stand for a while.  On the other hand, someone in a handicapped … Continue reading Helping the Disabled

Stop Ruminating and Get Some Sleep

            8 Tips to Help Stop Ruminating  By Lauren Feiner, PsyD. Do you constantly replay or obsess over negative situations? Known as rumination, it can feel like a broken record. Your mind rehearses the play-by-play of what led to that horrific breakup or missing a deadline at work. Even when everything is going well, … Continue reading Stop Ruminating and Get Some Sleep

Mental Health Resources

In most areas the United Way sponsors a Local Crisis Line– just dial 211. American Psychiatric Association (Medical Help) -Phone: 888-357-7924 or 703-907-7300 American Psychological Association (Therapy/Counseling) -Phone: 800-374-2721 or 202-336-5500 Mental Health America-Phone: 800-969-6642 or 703-684-7722 National Center for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder-Phone: 802-296-6300 National Mental Health Consumers’ Self-Help Clearinghouse-Phone: 800-553-4539 or 215-751-1810 RX DANGERS www.rxdangers.com Substance Abuse and … Continue reading Mental Health Resources