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I Don’t Think My Mother Loved Me

             > by Rosanne Morse 9/25/2016 I dedicate this article to my therapist Dr. Molly Snell and to my daughter Dr. Tracey Morse A hard thing to say, harder to admit, and  the hardest to come to terms with.  I didn’t really know this consciously as a daughter.  I felt it, I reacted … Continue reading I Don’t Think My Mother Loved Me

Stop Ruminating and Get Some Sleep

            8 Tips to Help Stop Ruminating  By Lauren Feiner, PsyD. Do you constantly replay or obsess over negative situations? Known as rumination, it can feel like a broken record. Your mind rehearses the play-by-play of what led to that horrific breakup or missing a deadline at work. Even when everything is going well, … Continue reading Stop Ruminating and Get Some Sleep

Pineapples Are Good for You

          Pineapples are full of Vitamin C which has a reputation for suppressing coughs, colds, and flu symptoms for a reason.  A natural antioxidant, vitamin C is also needed for collagen, which is the main structural protein in the body for healthy blood vessels, organs, skin, and tissue support, heavy metal absorption, … Continue reading Pineapples Are Good for You

Happiness = Health

Ever notice how we often group “health and happiness” together? As we whiz through every day taking care of responsibilities from going to work, loving our families, going to the doctor, not skipping the dentist, to paying the bills, etc. we rarely stop to ask ourselves:  Am I Happy? We may feel slightly depressed but … Continue reading Happiness = Health