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Understanding The Anger of the American Working Class

What So Many People Don’t Get About the U.S. Working Class by Joan C. Williams November 2016 My father-in-law grew up eating blood soup. He hated it, whether because of the taste or the humiliation, I never knew. His alcoholic father regularly drank up the family wage, and the family was often short on food … Continue reading Understanding The Anger of the American Working Class

Creating Joy

    Life can be a continual struggle to keep our emotions in balance.  Recent studies indicate that there is a biological basis for our emotions, but beyond biology, here are a few things that seem to work on a very practical level – scroll down for full article … PETS AND PEACE.  Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover’s … Continue reading Creating Joy

Gentle Interventions

Leaders are … Mothers, Fathers Grandparents, Brothers, Sisters, Aunts, Uncles, Teachers, Friends, Employers, Colleagues…anyone who is a role model for others, even when they don’t know it.   GENTLE INTERVENTIONS “Generally speaking, the leader’s consciousness sheds more light on what is happening than any number of interventions or explanations.   Few leaders realize how much, how little will do… simply … Continue reading Gentle Interventions


Shared by my practical friend Sharon T. 4-7-2017   Dear Applicant: Here’s why I didn’t hire you … by Steve Strauss, USA TODAY , KUSA 5:15 AM. EDT April 07, 2017 Dear Applicant:  I want to thank you for your application to my business. Unfortunately, we ended up hiring someone else. That said, because you seemed … Continue reading WHY I DIDN’T HIRE YOU