50 of the All Time Bestsellers

1. Pretty much every Harry Potter book, J.K. Rowling

2. The DaVinci Code, Dan Brown

3. The Diary of Anne Frank, Anne Frank

4. Catcher in the Rye, J.D. Salinger

5. To Kill A Mockingbird, Harper Lee

6. The Common Sense Book of Baby and Childcare, Dr. Benjamin Spock

7. In the Name of the Rose, Umberto Eco

8. One Hundred Years of Solitude, Gabriel García Márquez

9. The Tale of Peter Rabbit, Beatrix Potter

10.Charlotte’s Web, E.B. White

11. War and Peace, Leo Tolstoy

12. Gone With the Wind, Margaret Mitchell

13. Shōgun , James Clavell

14. Sophie’s World, Jostein Gaarder

15. Where the Wild Things Are, Maurice Sendak

16. A Brief History of Time: from the Big Bang to Black Holes, Stephen Hawking

17. Things Fall Apart, Chinua Achebe

18. And Then There Were None, Agatha Christie

19. Dream of the Red Chamber, Cao Xueqin

20. The Alchemist, Paulo Cohelo

21. 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, Jules Verne

22. Lolita, Vladimir Nabokov

23. The Little Prince (La Petit Prince) by Antoine du Saint-Exupery

24. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Stephen R. Covey

25. Don Quixote, Miguel de Cervantes

26. The Hobbit, J.R.R. Tolkien

27. Alice in Wonderland, Lewis Carroll

28. The Thorn Birds, Colleen McCollough

29. Anne of Green Gables, Lucy Maud Montgomery

30. Think And Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill

31. The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

32. Black Beauty, Anna Sewell

33. 1984, George Orwell

34. The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, C.S. Lewis

35. What to Expect When You’re Expecting, Arlene Eisenberg, Heidi Murkoff, and Sandee Hathaway

36. Kon-Tiki: Across the Pacific In A Raft, Thor Heyerdahl

37. Dune, Frank Herbert

38. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Roald Dahl

39. Fear of Flying, Erica Jong

40. The Power Of Positive Thinking, Norman Vincent Peale

41. Love You Forever, Robert Munsch

42. Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen

43. The Fault In Our Stars, John Green

44. The Girl on the Train, Paula Hawkins

45. The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy, Douglas Adams

46. The Pillars of the Earth, Ken Follett

47. Tuesday’s With Morrie, Mitch Albom

48. The Stranger, Albert Camus

49. The Cat in the Hat, Dr. Seuss

50. The Joy of Sex, Alec Comfort




50 Of The All-Time Best Sellers